Week Three of My Internship

DSC00020 DSC000232Another blog entry, another interesting week. Interviewing students and writing my Student Profiles series, in addition to posting school and student achievements on Internationals’ Facebook Board and writing for this blog, has given me an inside look into the International High Schools and how they prepare young immigrant youth like myself succeed in a this country. For my 3rd school visit, I went to Brooklyn International High School where I interviewed two amazing seniors for my Student Profiles Series – Yangzom Lhamo and Tenzin Chotsok. My first impression of the school was also my last – Brooklyn International High School is a very tight-knit school community in which both faculty and students have a shared sense of responsibility for one another. As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by the school staff, including the school principal, Ms. Pamela Taranto, who then introduced me to Tenzin and later Yangzom, both originally from Tibet. I talked to them for quite some time and both conversations were eye openers. They both worked very hard to be where they are today and in few months their focus and hard work will pay off. This fall, they will both enter college, the first member of their family to ever do so. The one thing I keep hearing through my student interviews is how each one of these students is determined to make a difference in the world and help others achieve and succeed. Their personal stories alone are enough to inspire anyone. A lot of students including myself have come to realize that if the community succeeds, we all succeed.  I think an important thing that connects all International High School students.  We have all realized that when an immigrant student comes to a new school, the beginning months are always very difficult. And It is during this time that we naturally try to socialize and help younger students. I have witnessed this behavior in all the schools I visited so far.

Next week, I plan to visit International High School at Union Square and will connect via Skype with International High School at Oakland for more amazing student profiles. You can learn more about Tenzin and Yangzom, and all the other students I interviewed so far, by visiting the Internationals Network for Public Schools Facebook board.

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