Week Three of My Internship

PictureI was recently at International High School at Union Square (IHS-US), one of two International High Schools in Manhattan, to interview students for my Student Profile Series. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Alvet Nero, the school’s community associate, who took me on a quick of the new school facilities before leading me to his office to interview two juniors – Ana Gonzalez, originally from Mexico, and Cheng Peng, who moved here from Northern China 2 years ago. My interviews went really well and you can read Ana and Cheng’s student profiles on the Internationals Network for Public School Facebook board here. My conversation with them also highlighted what the international high schools students, including myself, like so much about the way our teachers, our school principals and counselors approach education in each of our schools. The school structure across the Network puts the focus on student learning, promoting class activities such as collaborative work groups, student portfolios, etc., to foster critical thinking and effective communication across a wide range of academic content. In my own experience, my teachers make sure my classmates and I learn how to solve complex problems and think critically about the projects we work on throughout the school year, rather than simply understand the materials covered. In the process, we have acquired the confident to know what we can and will achieve after high school, college and career. This is all very exciting!

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