The Early College Program at International High School at LaGuardia Community College

The Early College Program at International High School at LaGuardia Community College (LaGCC) offers students the opportunity to take college classes while they are also taking high school classes. The student’s interdisciplinary team of high school teachers works with the team’s counselor to schedule each student for college classes when he/she is ready. Students are also able to stay one year after they finish high school in order to take college classes at LaGCC. In order to support students who are taking college classes, the Early College Coordinator holds daily advisory classes for students. These advisory classes help in many ways. Student feedback on the early college program is below.

Mengting L.

We appreciate that we could have the chance to take free college classes while we are in the high school and while some college students are fighting to pay their tuition. The early college program is very helpful to us for the following reasons. First, it provides us a chance to experience college classes, which lets us gain knowledge of how are college classes. Second, it lets us learn how to be a responsible person. Third, the early college program provides us an opportunity to learn subjects that high school classes can’t provide to us. Lastly, it lets us have the chance to gain college credits and that makes our transcripts stronger. The advisory class, which is indispensable to the early college program, gives us very valuable suggestions of how to succeed in the college and provides us help when we need.

Zofia K.

The Early College Program gives me multiple experiences with students and instructors, challenges and useful lessons. Being in this program I learned how to be organized, how to be prepared for my classes and how I can achieve success. Also, this program gives me a great opportunity to discover who am I, who I want to be in future by taking different courses at College and receiving multiple skills. I am really enjoying working with my advisor from Early College Program, because he is always helping me and taking care of my stuff.

Estefania L.

My experience in the early college program is very wonderful and unforgettable. In this program I took several challenging courses which helped me to gain knowledge and develop my skills. All of the courses that I took helped me to improve my English and learn new things for my future. I had the experience to work with people from different backgrounds and different majors that are studying in college. Being in this program helped me to have the experience to see how college is like, how I have to be responsible and work hard to get a good grade. I will never forget the great experiences that I have had in the early college program.  The advisory teachers are very helpful because they are always helping in our needs. The most important is that they are always motivating us to overcome all the challenging courses that we take in this beneficial program. I am really thankful and proud for having the privilege of being part of the early college program.

Iwona D.

I was enrolled in the Early College Program since my sophomore year in International High School at LaGuardia Community College. Even though at first I thought that I won’t make myself to do my associate degree within my high school year, but I made it. I will have my degree in the summer. It was a great experience taking high school classes together with college classes because I was able to get credits for both schools. It took me a while to get my sixty credits because at the beginning I was taking classes that had no credits because I haven’t passed my English Regents. But as soon as I was able to take the Regents I made the best out of it.

The Early College Program is a great experience because it gives you the opportunity to see how the world is like. It gives you the chance to be able to feel the college life. As well there is not much pressure because you have the opportunity to have advisory. Advisory is very helpful in college because you get help from others that already might have been through what you are struggling with, as well as getting help from teachers. I really appreciate that my high school gave me the opportunity to feel what’s like in the world and that it gave me the ability to finish my associate degree without paying any money for my classes. I am very thankful to my advisory teachers as well as others for the help I have received from them.

Mateusz L.

In my opinion participating in advisory class was a good experience because you can do your homework. Also the whole purpose of providing the class for us as students of high school was the great help that is related to collage problems and if we hadn’t knowledge about collage class we could always ask the teacher who knows about the life above high school very well. To tell you the truth the only negative thing about advisory is that if you did all the work and you don’t have anything to do it does not matter because you will still need to stay until the end of class.

FeiYan O.

First, I want to say thanks to my teacher, he is the hardest working man that I didn’t know before. Honestly, I feel that I am lucky for taking his advisory class, even though I’m not someone who has lots of questions while taking my college classes. But most of the time, without someone watching and pushing me to study, I will lose myself and end up with unwanted grades, and then regret forever after I realized. However, I always get the school’s announcements and some important information from my email from my teacher. I think the early college program was significant to everyone who’s attended college classes. For me, it really provided a period of time for study quietly and helped register for the colleges classes on time, apply to FAFSA correctly and any problems for taking classes in college. Overall, I am relieved because advisory has always been there for if I have any problems in school or even personal issues.

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