Our clients—district administrators, principals, teachers and school support organizations–have universally expressed, through surveys and focus groups, a high degree of satisfaction with the work Internationals has done in their schools.  Many remark on the fact that the workshops and other supports are hands-on, clear, and accessible and that they have resulted in powerful changes in their instruction.  Below are some examples of feedback we have received.

From District Administrators and School Leaders:

Internationals tailored each Professional Development session to meet the specific needs of our teachers, particularly because we have mostly 1-2 year Newcomers, not a range from 0 to 7 years as is common in International High Schools. Two schools in our district are now looking to place their beginning ELLs in more heterogeneous groupings rather than strictly by proficiency level. A huge victory!

We partnered with Internationals to receive PD, but also so that we could build our internal leadership to be able to serve Newcomers well. After two years [of collaborating] with the Internationals’ Professional Development Services Team, we may be on verge of being able to craft our own Newcomer PD, as well create a network amongst our schools that goes beyond [our contract of] the 3 day PD series!

From Educators:

Thank you for all the resources and modeling of collaborative activities. This Professional Development workshop gave me a lot that I can easily implement [in my classroom].

I really liked the workshop station activities because they provided me [with] lots of innovative strategies and helped clarify classroom practices.

The workshop activities helped me to create/think what kind of projects I should create/use. You also showed me how to create a class project about math. It is helpful!

Good materials that helped me think about new strategies for incorporating native language.

All of the station activities were very helpful in applying the principles exemplified through curriculum design – I think what made these activities most effective is that they make it easy to find and adapt concepts in ways that are discipline-specific for all participants.

Such a practical approach for understanding a student’s experience. I learned really useful teaching strategies but more importantly I learned a little about the incredible challenges faced by ELLS! Really useful!

I found the PD yesterday very useful and informative.  As an ESL teacher I have a lot of experience with language objectives and looking to integrate these into content, but I have never received such pinpoint instruction about the objectives and language in general.

I had heard that Internationals schools have the best practices and I feel that yesterday’s PD is precisely what I was expecting when I came.

From School Support Organizations:

I found all workstations activities useful to differentiate, assess, and foster cooperative learning in the classroom.

The station activities were student centered, incorporated reading and writing strategies – it was amazing how much academic talk took place in a very short amount of time.

The station activities were relevant and replicable to instruct ELLs as well as other students.

The workshop strategies were concrete and allowed me to recognize the difference between complexity & difficulty, and will help me assist teachers with incorporating language on a daily basis (even in a science class).

I learned how to encourage teachers to marry language and content and found Internationals coaches’ ability to convey how to integrate content & process awesome!