Internationals Network has been working fast to adapt and modify services that will address our school communities’ immediate needs. We have been creating spaces for school leaders and school staff to connect and engage to come up with solutions to current and arising problems. Together we are helping our schools in developing meaningful learning opportunities for students while also collaborating to address the social-emotional needs of the students and their families. Check out below to find out how we are stronger together through this crisis. 


National Leadership Retreat

Internationals Network took it’s annual National Leadership Retreat online this year and addressed what it means to lead and manage during this time. These virtual sessions cover topics such as: Leading During COVID, Supporting and Celebrating Seniors During COVID, Strategic Planning Tools, and Strategic Planning. At the end of the virtual retreat, leaders will have identified areas of focus for the new academic year. 

Reflecting on Remote Learning Supports for MLLs: Tools and Strategies

Participants unpack common best practices for remote learning and identify important considerations for working with a heterogeneous, multilingual student population. For each, we also identify a set of potential resources or tools that may help bring the work to life. Additionally, participants will get hands-on experience with one relevant tech platform that is widely applicable across content classes.

New School Partnership Virtual Visits

Internationals Network is hosting a series of virtual visits with prospective district partners to introduce and explore Internationals’ HELLO Instructional Approach, how Internationals Network works on ensuring shared responsibility for supporting student academic and social-emotional needs as well as exploring the role of the Leader at an Internationals Network program. 

Promising Practice Shares

Content area teachers come together from across the network to hear authentic promising practices utilized by teachers in Internationals classrooms. Participants present strategies and resources,, share about dilemmas, and participate in small group discussions.

Virtual Advising: Sharing Sessions for College Counselors

Internationals Network staff lead participants in exploring challenges, questions and creative solutions that college counselors are facing and creating when conducting virtual advising.

Wellness Circle

Internationals Network staff and teachers engage for one-hour virtual wellness circles. This small group opportunity is a time to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on their personal and professional lives and to gain tangible tools to foster well-being.

Effective SEL Feedback and Advisory Consultancy

In these sessions Internationals Network guides network school staff in how to give students SEL feedback, developing an SEL rubric for the classroom, developing counseling groups, and creating a dilemma protocol.

Intersections Resource Deep Dives

Internationals Network conducted a series of sessions across the network offering a deep dive into our Intersections resource, focusing on addressing the emotional weight of the current moment and maintaining instructor presence remotely, and exploring a new tools.