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School Design and Development Consulting |

School Design and Development Consulting

Internationals’ experience opening and supporting new schools and academies nationally has given us distinct insight on how to structure a school and design a professional development program that successfully serves ELLs. Internationals works with districts, community based organizations, schools, and individuals who are looking to open a new Internationals school or academy. Internationals’ school development services are tailored to address the specific needs of a school community and school district.

Internationals’ School Development Process

Internationals provides support to new, developing, and transforming schools or academies interested in implementing the Internationals Approach to serve their English language learners. The Internationals school development process consists of four phases:

  • Assessment Phase – During the initial consultancy, Internationals assesses the school or district’s most recent data on ELLs and works to engage teachers, families, and other key community stakeholders in the process. This phase is critical to obtaining key insights about the local community and will inform the subsequent phases.
  • Planning Phase – Internationals works with the school district to identify the appropriate resources to successfully implement the Internationals model. Internationals supports grant writing efforts for private, state or federal grants that support school improvement efforts targeting ELLs.
  • Design Phase – Internationals offers school development support and guidance during the assessment, planning, preparation, and opening of a new school or academy in order to ensure that the appropriate structures are in place to implement the Internationals model. During this phase, Internationals offers opportunities for leaders new to the Internationals Approach to intern in one of our network schools for an extended period of time.
  • The internship is individually planned to support the developmental needs specific to the intern. It is an opportunity to deepen the intern’s understanding of the Internationals Approach, strengthen connections with colleagues in the Internationals Network, and define the instructional focus and structure of his/her new school. Activities include shadowing the IHS principal, classroom observations, team meeting observations and participation in school professional development. The internship culminates in a portfolio presentation designed to prepare the intern to implement school structures and instructional practices based on the Internationals Approach.
  • Implementation Phase – Once the school is opened, we offer leadership mentors and instructional coaches to support the initial structural and instructional development of the school or academy, and on-going professional development support as needed. To ensure fidelity to the Internationals model, and that the school is successfully serving students, Internationals engages in a School Support and Feedback Process where Internationals staff, leader mentors, and a school leader from one of our schools observes all classrooms, interviews teachers, students and leaders, and provides feedback and recommendations on classroom instruction and governance.

Advocacy with Districts and States

The Internationals model readily adapts to the education regulations of a local district and state education departments. Throughout the development and implementation of a new Internationals’ school or academy, Internationals provides ongoing advocacy with local and state districts to ensure the leader, teachers and parents develop a successful program that serves ELLs academically and socio-emotionally. We work closely with district personnel to ensure compliance to education regulations while adhering to the principles of the Internationals Approach.

Model Adaptation, Documentation, and Evaluation

While all schools and academies are structured and developed based on the Internationals Approach, we continually innovate to improve ELL achievement. With each iteration of the Internationals Approach, Internationals works with schools to identify and document the specific enhancements to the Approach to better inform newly developing and veteran schools, to act as a basis for future school and academy openings, and provide insight into how to improve our current school models.

To learn more about working with Internationals Network to open a new school or academy in your district, contact:

Dariana Castro
Director of School Development

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