International High School at Lafayette

School Information


2630 Benson Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11214
Directions to School

School Principal: Jon Harriman

Year Established: 2005

Phone: 718.333.7860

Fax: 718.333.7861

School Website:

Enrollment: 366 students

Grades Served: 9-12

Free/Reduced Meals: 95%

Demographics: 37.5% Hispanic, 13.7% Asian, 13.4% White (European), 35.4% Black (African and Haitian)

School Partners:

  • APEX
  • Bridge to College
  • Clinic Plus
  • College Now
  • French Embassy
  • GAP
  • Girls Write Now
  • Goddard Institute
  • iMentor
  • LEAP
  • Liberty Partnership
  • Minds Matter
  • NY Cares
  • NY Exploring
  • The Door

Jon Harriman


Jon started his career in education in Tonga in the South Pacific, where he worked for two years as a science teacher as a Peace Corps volunteer. Following this, Mr. Harriman taught ESL in Madrid for two years before launching his career with the New York City DOE in 1998 as a GED teacher in a housing project on the Lower East Side. He then taught math and science at Brooklyn International High School, was a founding teacher at Flushing International High School, and an assistant principal at the International High School of Lafayette for four years prior to becoming principal.

Mr. Harriman has a bachelor of science in microbiology with minors in philosophy and chemistry from the University of Arkansas, an MA in secondary science education from Teachers College, and advanced certification in administration and supervision from Hunter College.


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