International Community High School

School Information


345 Brook Avenue
Bronx, NY 10454
Directions to School

School Principal: Berena Cabarcas

Year Established: 2006

Phone: 718.665.4128

Fax: 718.665.4547


Enrollment: 470 students

Grades Served: 9-12

Free/Reduced Meals: 88%

Demographics: 74% Hispanic, 4.8% Asian, 2.5% White (European), 18% Black (African and Haitian)

School Partners:

  • African Services Committee
  • Aspira, Inc
  • Bronx Arts Ensemble
  • Chill
  • College Summit
  • El Museuo Del Barrio
  • Morris Heights Health Center
  • Pencil
  • TAGAI mentoring
  • French Language Heritage Program
  • Bronx Teen Connect
  • Changing the Odds
  • Sauti Yetu Mentoring


Student Video Projects

Vimeo Class H ICHS Trevor SaffordClass H (2013)

International Community High School students created this video to answer questions about their identity as a community of international students – Who are we? Where do we come from? ( more …)

Berena Cabarcas


Berena Cabarcas has been a member of the Internationals’ high school community since 1997. In addition to her work as a teacher, and co-chair and chair of the Coordinating Council at Manhattan International High School, Ms. Cabarcas also served as science founding faculty member at Bronx International High School. In her capacity as science coordinator at Manhattan IHS, Ms. Cabarcas worked with her colleagues to develop grade-level science benchmarks, project requirements, and a new rubric for the science graduation portfolio. During 2004, Ms. Cabarcas and three of her Manhattan IHS students participated in the Scientific Reading and Writing Program at Rockefeller University. The four worked as a research team on three major projects related to Fanconi Anemia, a genetic disorder that significantly shortens the life span of its carriers.

Ms. Cabarcas joined the New York City Leadership Academy’s Aspiring Principals Program in July 2005. In November of that year, she was selected by the Internationals Network for Public Schools to become the school leader at the opening of International Community High School in 2006. The recipient of two undergraduate degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Hunter College, Ms. Cabarcas also holds a Master of Public Administration degree and a Certificate in Educational Administration and Supervision from Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs. She completed her principal internship requirements at Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School, located on the South Bronx High School Campus.


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