Bronx International High School

Bronx International High School, founded in 2001, is located on the Morris High School Campus – the first high school facility built in the Bronx. Completed in 1897, the building is a stunning example of early American urban school design. Bronx International High School partners with New York University’s Adolescent Post-Secondary Education Exchange Program and Phillip’s College to provide college preparation opportunities for students.  With a graduation rate above 80%, the majority of students go on to college, attending PACE, The New School, Bard, Guilford, CUNY and SUNY schools among others. Principal Joaquin Vega received a 2011 Cahn fellowship, a prestigious Teachers College program recognizing outstanding principals.

School Information


1110 Boston Road, Room 313
Bronx, NY 10456
Directions to School

School Principal: Joaquin Vega

Year Established: 2001

Phone: 718.620.1053

Fax: 718.620.1056

School Website:

Enrollment: 404 students

Grades Served: 9-12

Free/Reduced Meals: 97%

Demographics: 72.45% Hispanic, 2.48% Asian, 2.76% White (European), 21.67% Black (African and Haitian)

Joaquin Vega


Joaquin Vega came to the United States from Columbia when he was still a teenager. He is a founding member of The Manhattan International High School where he began his career as a school aide and later taught mathematics and served as co-chair of the Coordinating Council. During his ten years at Manhattan International, Mr. Vega also coached high school basketball, softball, volleyball, and Project Adventure. He was appointed an assistant principal at Bronx International High School in 2004, and served as the athletic director for the Morris High School Campus.

Mr. Vega received his undergraduate degree from Queens College in computer science. He holds a Master of Science in Instructional Technology from the New York Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science in School Administration and Supervision from Touro College.

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