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School Models

Internationals secondary schools and academies serve recent immigrant, English language learners who enroll with four years or less of education in U.S. schools. Our school models are based on the Internationals Approach, a set of 5 Core Principles developed in our first schools, and proven successful through 32 years of practitioner success with our students. Internationals has begun to design school models that address the growing needs of English Language Learners in communities nationwide, thereby expanding opportunities for ELL students to be served by our innovative best practices. There are currently three models of schools that Internationals opens and supports: a Diverse Model, a Common Language Model, and an Academy model.

Diverse Model

Internationals’ diverse language model schools take full advantage of the heterogeneity of languages and cultures, English proficiency, and previous schooling to create a school community that supports high student achievement. The diverse school model has proven effective with a variety of student demographics. In addition to serving recent immigrant ELLs, we currently support two diverse language model schools that have expanded their enrollment criteria. One school serves recent immigrant ELLs who are over-aged and under-credited, and another serves all ELLs, both recent immigrants and long-term ELL students. These new diverse language schools have enhanced the Internationals model to include additional resources for students, during and after school, and an extended school year.

Common Language Model

Addressing the need of districts that enroll immigrant students that largely represent one language group, Internationals developed its common language model. We currently support two schools whose students share Spanish as a common language. Essential enhancements to the diverse language model include a Native Language Arts class and a community organization that partners to open the school and provides opportunities for student and families to engage with the greater school community.



In school districts that are not opening new schools, but are looking to address a growing ELL population within their district, the Internationals network of schools now includes an academy model, also known as a small learning community. Internationals’ Academies, like themed academies or small learning communities, serve a heterogeneous group of ELLs within the larger school. The Academy Leader reports to the principal of the larger school and supervises academy teachers. Internationals works directly with the Academy Leader to support his/her work with teachers, students and families within the context of the larger school.

For answers to your questions about our school models, contact our Director of School Development, Dariana Castro:
Phone: 646-435-7523
E-mail: dariana.castro@internationalsnetwork.org

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