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Student Results |

Student Results

Students in International High Schools and Academies are in the country four years or less and score in the bottom quartile on English language tests at the time of admission. The student body in our 28 schools and academies comes from 131 countries speaking more than 102 languages. Their literacy skills in their native language[s] vary widely, and on average, 92% receive free/reduced lunch. Recent immigrant students at the secondary level have only four years in which to acquire the academic content and deeper learning skills necessary to succeed in the classroom and graduate high school on time. As a result, immigrant English language learners make up a significant share of those who fail to graduate with their peers. However, students in International High Schools routinely outperform their counterparts in other schools and often are the first generation in their families to graduate high school and attend college.

Below is a snapshot of our NYC graduation rates from 2017-18.



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