School Results

Since 2007, New York City has published progress reports (PDF), which include surveys, quality reviews and student progress. Highlights from International High School 2011-12 progress reports:

  • Six out of eleven International High Schools receiving grades were rated A
  • Four of these schools were rated well developed in quality reviews
  • With respect to overall scores, progress report rankings put Brooklyn International High School and International High School at LaGuardia Community College in the top 3% of high schools

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Research has yielded a wealth of understanding about the impact that teaching effectiveness has on student growth. Internationals’ outstanding model for teacher recruitment and retention includes inducting new teachers with high levels of support as well as retaining experienced teachers.  Internationals prepares new and experienced teachers who effectively educate students through a pedagogy and school structure that promotes high levels of responsibility for student outcomes with wide-ranging autonomy on how to get students to those goals.

  • I-START, Internationals’ alternative certification urban teacher residency program, produces highly qualified M.S. TESOL teachers in partnership with Long Island University’s School of Education and New York City Department of Education
  • Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, including the Peace Corps and those interested in immigrant reform and integration, as well as many directly from within the immigrant community
  • 90% of our teachers were retained in school year 11-12

Leadership Development

Through ongoing development of principals, assistant principals and faculty leaders who are steeped in the culture, norms and practices of the Internationals Approach, Internationals’ Leadership Development pipeline provides continuity and stability during leadership transitions in our older schools as well as visionary new principals for our new school openings. This ensures the uninterrupted success of students as schools continually deepen and expand their implementation of our proven educational model.

  • International High School principals receive ongoing support through our internal network structures
  • New school principals strengthen leadership skills and deepen knowledge of our model through principal internships
  • Four current principals were founding teachers in anInternationalHigh School
  • All but one assistant principal were prepared for their leadership positions through our internal supports
  • One current principal is a graduate of our first school’s initial alumni cohort
  • Seven of eleven principals are immigrants or children of immigrants
  • In total, 33 leaders of schools both in New York City and throughout the country (including Montana, Washington State, California, and Illinois) developed as leaders through their experience as faculty members of International High Schools

Former Internationals faculty members have been hired by other school networks to lead one or more of their schools – many principals of newly created small schools throughout New York City were drawn from the ranks of International High School faculty.

Internationals Network schools are an engine for leadership development that extends beyond our own schools and impacts school reform more broadly.


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