I-START : The Apprentice Experience

YEAR ONE: The Apprenticeship Year

Participants serve as an apprentice teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) in an International High School while completing a Master’s Degree in TESOL and Long Island University (LIU). Apprentice teachers work closely with an experienced mentor teacher at their International High School, becoming fully immersed in the school and team. Internationals Network also provides support if the apprentices’ placement is in another school in the Empowerment Schools network. In their coursework at LIU, apprentices are part of a cohort with fellow I-START apprentices to provide additional support as they work and learn collaboratively.

As part of the I-START experience, apprentice teachers:

  • Learn by a school-based approach how to implement the five core principles of the Internationals Approach to working with ELLs
  • Develop standards-driven, interdisciplinary, project-based curricula ESL curriculum with the support of a mentor teacher
    • Incorporate ESL and bilingual methodologies
    • Include multiple opportunities for language development in their subject area
    • Are designed for learners who are heterogeneous in their linguistic and academic proficiencies
  • Embed and support language learning within content-focused projects and activities
  • Assess students by measuring student effort and learning habits through performance-based assessment.
  • Participate in Master’s Degree Courses at Long Island University especially designed to build and extend the successful curriculum implemented at the International High Schools and place it within a theoretical framework.
  • Complete the TESOL program requirements to qualify for New York State Transitional B Certification

YEAR TWO: The Induction Year

After successful completion of the first year of the program, apprentices become full teachers of record in a NYC DOE school (under a Transitional B License). As participants assume full teaching responsibilities, they also:

  • Continue taking coursework at LIU that in its second year is designed for the inducted I-START teachers
  • Receive ongoing professional support: Attend Internationals Network-wide professional development events, and maintain a relationship with a mentor teacher either at an International or at another public school serving English Language Learners, who will guide their professional growth in the context of their school community.
  • Complete the Master’s Degree in TESOL and all the New York State Teaching Certification requirements for TESOL Certification.