Bringing History to Life—Student Competitive Team Debate!

By Sara Qatabi  — Both junior teams at Claremont International High School have been preparing for a debate on imperialism. The question for the debate was “Was imperialism helpful or harmful in the regions of India and the Congo?” To

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Students Empowering Each Other Through Language Coaching

By Paula Amadeo  — I was at a loss for how to help one of my students.  A first-year high school student who had been in the United States for less than 2 months and had an “entering” score for

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Why Work On Feedback?

By Sarah Cunningham — Feedback is daunting to most instructors and often to students as well.  Time after time, the same questions and frustrations emerge: From teachers: How do I find the time to give meaningful feedback to everyone? How

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OIHS Dance

By Yii Shinn (Nico) Chen — This year at Oakland International High School, I was asked to teach a three-week dance post-session course that also embeds English language learning and multimedia skills. As an English teacher, teaching dance for the

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