My Internship at Internationals Network for Public Schools

MAAZMy name is Muhammad Maaz Syed and I am originally from Pakistan. I came to this country two years ago and have been studying at The International High School at Lafayette ever since. I just completed my first week of internship. My experience so far has been great. I am mainly responsible for creating, writing and finding content for the Internationals Facebook page, E-newsletter, and other social media platforms. Recently, I started my own Student Profile Series for the Internationals Facebook page – I will be visiting one of 14 NYC International High Schools each week to interview several students about their success stories, their experience of being new in this country, and their college and career goals and aspirations. These will be posted on the Internationals Facebook page. This week, I will be heading to Brooklyn International High School. Also, I will be creating one blog entry per week about my experience as an intern for Internationals Network for Public Schools. On a side note, I was totally unaware that there was a main Internationals Network office. The office is very busy and visitors are always coming and going. More next week!

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