International High Schools

School Support Services

Internationals Network designs, opens and networks highly effective schools that serve English language learners, and provides a continuum of professional development supports – from pre-service to principalship. Our school support services help educators refresh and renew their perspectives and practices as well as expand their ability to implement the Internationals’ Approach in their classrooms. Our support platform is a structured array of mutually reinforcing programs and services that combine to create schools with leaders and teachers who have the skills and strategies to prepare English language learner students for success in college and beyond. Services include:

New School Development

  • School Design, application and development support for new InternationalHigh School leaders, their mentors and their faculty in collaboration with school districts and community groups
  • Principal Internships prior to school opening, where new principals are mentored in an InternationalHigh School by an experienced principal for up to 3 months prior to opening their schools

Leadership Development

  • Annual Leadership Retreat during which school leaders and mentors participate in Internationals’ facilitated sessions to reflect upon and build leadership capacity
  • Mentoring Support offered by former InternationalHigh School leaders and school coaches to strengthen school leaders’ ability to support their students to high achievement
  • RegularSchool Leader Meetings, led by Internationals’ Senior Program Director and Professional Development Services team, provide a critical feedback support group where school leaders share their insights and dilemmas and are challenged to further their knowledge and ability to lead their schools
  • Instructional and Structural Support, provided by Internationals’ program team, helps school leaders with faculty and school development challenges

Professional Development

  • I-START – Internationals’ NYC Urban Teacher Residency Program, a two year TESOL MS program led collaboratively with Long IslandUniversity to prepare new teachers for our network schools as well as schools across New York City
  • Regional Summer Institutes held in International High School regional locations to prepare educators new to the Internationals’ approach for their first years of teaching
  • Annual Fall Professional Development Conference where workshops sessions designed for new and experienced English language learner educators create time for hands on experiences and reflection to further build effective classroom practices
  • Foundational Practices Institutes held annually each spring to further develop new practitioners’ ability to implement effective teaching practices based on Internationals’ five core principles in their classrooms
  • Intervisitations to International High Schools to observe and reflect upon best classroom practices
  • On-site, individually targeted, school-based support

Curriculum and Resource Development

  • Content Area Toolkits, Mentor Toolkits, I-START Resident Toolkits
  • Best practice videos that demonstrate effective implementation of Internationals’ 5 Core Principles
  • ISHARE – Internationals’ online curriculum sharing website with over 850 Common Core aligned curriculum units in all content areas and resources to support educators in developing their practice

Bringing Practitioners’ Perspective to Advocate for Best Practices

  • Advocacy for the Internationals Approach at District, State and Federal Levels
  • Local, state, and national presentations to share best practices
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