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Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About: Strategies for Integrating Language and Content

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The information and activities included in this resource guide are designed to accompany the workshop series of the same name and to support teachers in integrating language development into the content areas.  Five different versions of this guide are available, one for each of the disciplines of science, math, English, Social Studies, and the arts.  This guide walks teachers through the steps to develop effective language and content objectives that reinforce one another.  It also provides a variety of general easy-to-implement language activities that can be used in any subject area class and will get students talking to one another, using the language of that academic discipline.  Finally, the resource contains actual examples of discipline-specific curriculum from different International High School teachers that effectively target a particular language objective while supporting students to master high-level, rigorous content as well.

PDF : Integrating Language and Content Guide Overview