Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About: Strategies for Integrating Language and Content

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Through this workshop series, participants will:

  • Reflect on the key concepts related to language development
  • Understand the aspects of language that go beyond vocabulary and grammar
  • Experience a lesson that integrates language and content instruction and learn concrete strategies they can bring into their own classroom and differentiate for heterogeneous classrooms
  • Deepen their understanding of academic language and how it differs from social language
  • Understand criteria for choosing which vocabulary to teach students and gain exposure to several concrete and fun strategies for teaching vocabulary
  • Develop methods for identifying language demands inherent in a particular text or task and how to support students in meeting those demands
  • Understand how academic language in each discipline differs from that of other disciplines
  • Develop effective and mutually reinforcing language and content objectives for a project
  • Practice creating a motivating activity that effectively exposes students to target language and content for a project/unit in an engaging and accessible way