Workshop Format

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About: Strategies for Integrating Language and Content

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Workshop sessions are designed to take place once every 1-2 weeks during an afterschool professional development session over the course of a semester and would ideally be coupled with coaching in the classroom. Instructional coaching provides support and follow-up on the ideas and strategies reviewed during the workshop. Sessions can also take place bi-weekly over the course of a year, or in an intensive 2-3 day workshop.  Intensive workshops cover the same material as the weekly sessions, but do not enable participants to do the “homework” in their own classrooms and receive instructional guidance and feedback over the semester or school year.

Each session contains the following:

  • A set of clear objectives for that particular workshop
  • A homework share from the previous session
  • An activity or series of activities and review of resources related to that session’s topic
  • A chance to apply those resources and activities to a project that discipline-based groups are working on collaboratively (this starts in session 7)
  • A homework assignment asking participants to incorporate what they’ve learned in their own classroom or in a project they are planning to teach