Integrating Language and Content

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About:
Strategies for Integrating Language and Content

The Driving Question for this workshop module is : “How do we develop curriculum and instruction in which language and content reinforce each other to deepen student learning?”

Overview | Workshop Format | Sessions | Resource Guide | Outcomes

Strategies for Integrating Language and Content, supports all teachers in becoming language teachers, regardless of the content they teach. This enables students to develop their academic language in all content areas while deepening their knowledge of content, which is crucial in preparing students for the Common Core State Standards.  This module provides faculty with key strategies for incorporating language development into all activities and a framework for planning for both language and content in curriculum development.  Included in the series is a model lesson, sample curriculum, an opportunity to work on curriculum using a specific language planning framework, videos of instruction modeling language and content integration, a template for developing integrated language and content objectives, and a resource guide of hands-on, easy to implement strategies.

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