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Experiential Learning: Teaching Language and Content through Projects

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Developing Rigorous Projects for English Language Learners: A Resource Guide

The materials in this resource guide have been compiled to accompany Internationals Network’s workshop series on Project-Based Learning with English Language Learners. Five different versions of this guide are available, one for each of the disciplines of science, math, English, Social Studies, and the Arts.  The purpose of the guide is to help educators explore the essential components of project design with the specific lens of how to do this work with students who may be new to English.  The different chapters walk through all aspects of designing projects for English Language Learners.  We begin with looking at various sources of inspiration for developing project ideas, then move to how to design effective driving questions that provide coherence, direction, and excitement for a project.  Also included are resources and information about how to avoid the common pitfalls of project-based learning.  We also look closely at developing effective content and language objectives that provide guidance for all of the activities and assessments within the project. Throughout the resource guide are examples of how student collaboration works in the context of project-based instruction and information about fair and effective assessments in project-based learning.

Resource Guide (PDF) : Project Based Learning Guide Overview