Experiential Learning: Teaching Language and Content through Projects

Overview | Workshop Format | Sessions | Resource Guide | Outcomes

Through this workshop series, participants will:

  • Understand the essential characteristics of a rigorous, engaging project
  • Identify new sources of inspiration in developing ideas for projects
  • Gain ideas from resources that will help avoid the common pitfalls of project-based learning
  • Engage in activities to develop the higher-order thinking skills of their students
  • Understand how to create a compelling driving question to guide their students’ project-based work
  • Learn how to develop effective and integrated language and content objectives for designing projects aligned with the Common Core State Standards
  • Develop familiarity with the different types of language functions students need and ways to scaffold support for students’ using those language functions in different activities
  • Gain exposure to different types of motivating activities for projects and how to integrate them into curriculum.
  • Understand the importance of formative assessment and its role in project-based learning
  • Review multiple samples of different types of formative assessments and aligned them with assessing students’ progress towards objectives
  • Review and complete Internationals’ Project Planning template for a project both in a small group and individually.
  • Complete detailed project plans that break down unit objectives into weekly and daily objectives with aligned activities and assessments
  • Reflect on their own experiences with project-based learning