Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning:
Teaching Language and Content through Projects

The Driving Question for this workshop is : “How do we support students to successfully complete complex, authentic projects that prepare them for college and the real world?”

Overview | Workshop Format | Sessions | Resource Guide | Outcomes

Internationals’ Workshop Module, Experiential Learning: Developing Language and Content through Projects, enables educators at varying levels of experience with project-based learning to deepen their knowledge of designing effective project-based units aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  Through a series of hands-on activities that give participants an opportunity to put theory into practice and to apply what they are learning to their own classroom, participants who complete this workshop series will have gained broad exposure to many of the core ideas, challenges, and strategies that will enable them to effectively structure their curriculum around projects.  Participants receive Internationals’ comprehensive resource guide: What is Project-Based Learning? Introduction to Developing Rigorous Projects for English Language Learners.

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