Experiencing the Internationals’ Approach

The Driving Question for this workshop is: “The Driving Question for this workshop is: “How do we help our ELL or MLL students access rigorous content, skills, and academic language?

This workshop begins with a lesson taught entirely in a foreign language, with no scaffolding and no supports. After this, participants are taught the same content through activities, curriculum, and instruction that models effective teaching for English Language Learners. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on the experience of the two different lessons and to look closely at several of the techniques the “teacher” uses that were effective for them. Participants find this workshop to be a useful introduction to the Internationals Approach, as they experience instruction and learning through the eyes of their students.

This workshop provides a solid introduction to the benefits of teaching students with the techniques expanded on in any of our other workshops, and can be followed by any of the other Internationals Workshop Module series.

Workshop Format

This workshop is approximately 2 hours in length and contains the following:

  • An unscaffolded lesson on the causes of the French Revolution (lecture style) followed by a reflection exercise and group debrief.
  • New deliberate groupings if the foreign language is one that a few people have had some exposure to in order to model the value of heterogeneity in a collaborative structure.
  • Several hands-on activities in the foreign language about the causes of the French Revolution.  The activities are designed to be collaborative and all group members are asked to participate and use the target language.
  • Another reflection exercise to help participants think about what they learned, insights they gained.
  • A debrief of 11 specific strategies used during the model lesson that can be incorporated into any classroom in any discipline working with ELLs.


Through this workshop series, participants will:

  • Experience the Internationals Approach to working with English Language Learners in the same way that our students experience our instructional model
  • Learn (or review) through experience some core strategies for working with ELLs in the content classroom
  • Understand through experience how these strategies enable students at different proficiency levels to access both content and language

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