No More Parallel Play:
Encouraging Meaningful Student Collaboration

The driving question of this workshop is : “How do we structure our classrooms collaboratively to support ELLs in their development of language and content knowledge?”

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Internationals’ Workshop Module: No More Parallel Play: Encouraging Meaningful Student Collaboration supports teachers in implementing structures and designing curriculum so that students are the ones doing most of the talking and having the opportunity to use language in an academic and meaningful way.  Collaboration is a pillar of the Internationals model on which all other aspects of the model depend.  Without a well structured collaborative classroom, teachers are unable to leverage the benefits of heterogeneity or make it possible for students to learn in heterogeneous groups.  In addition, a teacher-centered classroom does not provide students with enough opportunities to practice their academic language and wrestle with the ideas they are learning through group discussions.

This workshop engages participants in multiple station activities that model various strategies for designing collaborative roles and for getting students to work together in a meaningful way that moves teachers away from the front of the room. It is accompanied by a resource guide titled: No More Parallel Play: Resources and Strategies for Supporting Collaborative Learning in the ELL Classroom.

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