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Professional Development Consulting |

Professional Development Consulting

If you are interested in learning about and implementing aspects of Internationals’ Approach in your work with English language learners, Internationals Network offers a consultancy practice to support schools outside our network. We have worked in a variety of capacities with schools, educators and coaches in New York City, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, Utah, and Virginia.  We offer the following services:

An Initial Needs Assessment

When beginning a new project with a school, we recommend that senior members of Internationals’ team visit your school to observe classes with school leadership, debrief on what all parties saw and identify key areas of growth that the consultancy will address. During this initial assessment period, Internationals staff and school leadership collaboratively create project goals that serve as the basis for coaching sessions and workshops.

Leadership Consulting/Coaching Sessions

Internationals’ leadership coaches are experienced former principals and/or school leaders who deeply understand the Internationals Approach and have a record of success in their own schools.  These leadership coaches are available to work with a school leadership team to support them in leading faculty to adapt successful practices and create structures that set English language learners up for success. For example, leadership coaches will help a school leader set up a comprehensive professional development plan and program, reorganize the schedule to better facilitate learning, and provide support in how to organize teachers into collaborative teams and set up structures so that those teams can effectively collaborate.

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches, most of whom have been teachers in an International High School, play a key role in supporting schools outside the network in adapting aspects of the Internationals Approach.  In consultation with the principal, the coach works closely with a small number of teachers to support them in improving their practice.  The goal of coaching is to build on the strengths of the faculty in the school so they can continue to carry over the learning from the consultancy after the coach is gone.  Coaches often work with the strongest teachers to implement the practices that the principal agrees are a priority for the school.  Their classes can then become “demonstration” classrooms that other faculty can visit and learn from. The coach focuses on supporting teachers in implementing the practices and strategies that are addressed during the workshops that the whole faculty is participating in.  Coaches observe classes and provide feedback to the teacher and also participate in collaborative curriculum planning sessions.

Customized Professional Development Workshops

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Professional development workshops customized for each school depending on the needs of that particular faculty and student body are key features of our consultancy program.  The workshops build capacity of participants to implement core effective practices with ELLs and of school leaders to support faculty in implementing those practices.  Once the principal and Internationals staff determine the goals during the needs assessment, they choose a professional development focus that the workshops and coaching address. In the yellow sidebar on this page are examples of workshop modules available for teachers and professional development activities for school leaders that we facilitate and draw upon in creating your customized plan.

Summer Institute

Each August, Internationals organizes and facilitates a two day conference geared towards the professional development of teachers new to the Internationals Approach.  The Institute is open to teachers from International High Schools as well as those outside the network. Workshops focus on the Five Core Principles of the Internationals Approach, with theory and practice merging in hands-on activities designed to demonstrate the effectiveness and implementation of the model.

Workshops for Coaches and Trainers

Internationals hold sessions for coaches and trainers to support them in their work with teachers to implement effective instructional techniques with their students. Coaches attend collaborative, interactive sessions and engage in discussions on ways they can turnkey this information in the schools they work in.

Access to ISHARE online cur­riculum resource sharing (Coming Soon!)

Clients who develop a contract with Internationals receive access to ISHARE, Internationals’ online curriculum and resource sharing website. ISHARE contains over 850 exemplary curriculum units and resources to provide faculty and school leaders with ideas, examples, and tools to design their own curriculum and professional development activities.

Impact Assessment

At the end of our contract, we use various methods to evaluate our work, including observations based on Internationals’ School Support and Feedback Rubrics, pre and post surveys, and informal focus groups.

To learn more about how Internationals Network can assist you to improve English language learner outcomes, contact Dolan Morgan, Director of Professional Development Services.

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