Building Community

Internationals Network works within a broad community of people who care about high quality public education for immigrants and English language learners.  We engage with a wide-ranging network of organizations and individuals including community based organizations, organizations of professional educators, immigrant and ethnic advocacy organizations, and individual researchers, school faculty, staff and community members.

We are a member of The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning Community of Practice, a network of school developers and non-profit organizations committed to engaging all students through deeper learning instruction in our classrooms to prepare college and career ready graduates.

Internationals Network and the New York Immigration coalition periodically convene a regional Community of Practice to gain input from teachers, leaders and other educators for educational policy as well as to create a safe space for families and educators to discuss the needs of schools that serve immigrants and English language learners,.  In this community, we visit schools serving high populations of English learners, and share our practices, concerns, hopes, vision and plans for policy reform.