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By ELA Teacher Brendan Gillett and student Grabiela  — (photo montages by Cora Kobischka) This was not an assignment. One of my students, unusually perceptive, began asking me how I was feeling during class. On my face, she read the thoughts

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Space Club Blasts Off at Buffalo’s Lafayette International

By Eric Bradshaw — In keeping with the theme of expanding frontiers, students at Lafayette International Community High School in Buffalo lift their eyes to the sky as part of the school’s second year of Space Club. Funded by the education

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The Brooklyn International High School’s Rise and Respect Film: Documenting Community Advocacy through Dance

By Megan Minturn — For the past five years the Brooklyn International High School (BIHS) has joined over two hundred countries in the One Billion Rising campaign to end gender inequality. One Billion Rising is an international campaign led by the

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Bringing History to Life—Student Competitive Team Debate!

By Sara Qatabi  — Both junior teams at Claremont International High School have been preparing for a debate on imperialism. The question for the debate was “Was imperialism helpful or harmful in the regions of India and the Congo?” To

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OIHS Dance

By Yii Shinn (Nico) Chen — This year at Oakland International High School, I was asked to teach a three-week dance post-session course that also embeds English language learning and multimedia skills. As an English teacher, teaching dance for the

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