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The Student as the Expert

By Kholood Qumei — I have always been intrigued by the line “the student as the expert.” It’s a familiar line from graduate school textbooks, educator articles, blog posts, and professional development. I’ve seen it enacted a few different ways. Often, it’s the

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A Revelation of Joy 

By Amanda McKenna — It started out as a call to action, a project built to be a battle cry aimed at our students—“Pay attention to the struggle! Shout it out loud!” However, as is often the case, our students

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Teaching with Video Games

By Zachary Hartzman — One of my most memorable weeks of high school was when my 9th grade Global History teacher showed my class Schindler’s List as part of our Holocaust unit. This particular week didn’t make an impact on me

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Designing Community Making Experiences for Newcomer Students at Oakland International High School

By Yii Shinn (Nico) Chen — Advisory is a space for community building. For the recently-arrived students studying at Oakland International High School, forging cross-cultural connections during their first few years of English language acquisition can be quite challenging. While

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Playing the Unspeakable: Trauma-Informed Drama Therapy at Claremont International High School

By Heidi Landis, RDT-BCT, LCAT, TEP, CGP — In recent years, the field of trauma work and trauma-informed care has grown tremendously, allowing for the exploration and emergence of innovative treatment approaches not only in therapeutic practices but within school settings.

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Developing Argumentation Skills and Citizenship through Contemporary Controversies

By Vincent Pham — CONTEXT As Karp (1997) explains “[effective classroom teaching is] inherently ‘political’ in the sense that it had to take the social context of schooling and of students’ lives as a primary point of departure” (Karp, 1997,

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