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Developing Argumentation Skills and Citizenship through Contemporary Controversies

By Vincent Pham — CONTEXT As Karp (1997) explains “[effective classroom teaching is] inherently ‘political’ in the sense that it had to take the social context of schooling and of students’ lives as a primary point of departure” (Karp, 1997,

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Science through Global Challenges: A Funds of Knowledge-Rooted Independent Study of Malaria Treatment and Prevention

By Mbaye Ndiaye; Jeremy B. Heyman, PhD; Stefania Macaluso, PhD; Fanta Bathily — Introduction By Stefania Macaluso, PhD A key to achieving academic success is providing students with meaningful experiences and skills to negotiate how these experiences affect them and the society

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Keep Calm and Manage Stress

By Waleska Velez — “If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed” — Paolo Freire We must ask ourselves: what is our role as educators in the complex systems of our schools? How do we as

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Green Circle Project

By Lisa Sacco — When we tell our stories, we humanize ourselves. Storytelling allows us to build relationships and connections with a group that may not know us. It is through a shared experience of human conditions that we create

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