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Internationals Network for Public Schools’ expertise lies in its ability to design high schools and prepare educators to successfully serve English language learners (ELLs). Students in International High Schools are in the country four years or less and score in the bottom quartile on English language tests at the time of admission. In School Year 2011-12, the student body in our 17 schools is 28% Asian, 11% Black, 53% Hispanic and 8% White/Arabic/Other. Youth in our schools come from 119 countries, speak over 90 languages and their literacy skills in their native language[s] vary widely. On average, 90% receive free/reduced lunch.

Our work is based on a highly successful model that has a unique approach to educating an immigrant population and combines (1) 27+ years of practitioner experience and success with innovative approaches in small schools with (2) cutting edge integration of language development and academic content while (3) building student and family capacity for integration into American society.


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